Did You Know That There Is A Currency Called "Raam" Used In US and Netherlands?

"Raam" currency notes are issued in the US and Netherlands and can be used within a closed-off circuit of users.

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Yes, there is a currency named Raam where 1 Raam equals to 10 Euros and can be used in Netherlands as well as the US.

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The notes were issued in the year 2002 and were set up by the Global Country of World Peace. Global Country of World Peace was inaugurated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founder of Transcendental meditation.  This Maharishi also introduced the meditation methods to the west more than 50 years ago and his most famous followers were the Beatles who traveled to India in 1968 and meditated with him. Not only Raam, Maharishi has also proposed BitRaam, a digital currency. Here’s an interview with Maharishi,

Benjamin Feldman is the Minister of Finance of the Maharishi movement and said, “the Raam can be used as long as the notes are not used as legal tender and it stays within a closed-off circuit of users”.

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He also added that the bank was keeping a close eye on the Raam although they had done everything according to Law.  The Raam is also circulating as the currency of Maharishi Vedic city in the US. 35 other states also offer this currency.

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The currency “Raam” was designed for agricultural projects and developing countries. The Raam is issued in denominations of 1, 5 and 10 Raams. One Raam equals to 10 Euros in Europe and 10 dollars in the U.S.

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