Did You Know That Our Loyal Dogs Can Detect cancer?

The list of their abilities just keeps on growing!

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“Dog is man’s best friend” is what we all have heard and said and even experienced it in our lives. Now a research suggests that our most loyal companion can detect cancer cells too!

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We all know dogs have excellent sense of smelling which is better than even many other animals, but recently the olfactory abilities of dogs were proved to be at an another level altogether when they were able to sniff out the cancer in humans.

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A paper published in a British journal states that dogs were trained to find out the prostate cancer by sniffing from the urine samples and those dogs correctly sniffed out samples of the people with bladder cancer.

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In a research study carried out in Pine Street foundation, 55 lung cancer patients and 31 breast cancer patients and 83 healthy people were presented to 5 trained dogs and the dogs were able to find out the lung and cancer patients with 90% accuracy!

Wondering How Dogs Sniff The Cells?

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The cancerous cells present in the human body release different varieties of metabolic waste products and dogs sniff out skin cancer melanoma and other similar cancers by just smelling it.

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Exceptionally Incredible! Isn’t it?

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