Did You Know That Standing In Queues For Other People Can Make You A Millionaire?

A man stands in queues for you, and in return, you've to pay him for his service.

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We all have faced the crisis like situation, post the demonetisation announcement. Remember the huge queues in front of ATMs and Banks? Well, what if we tell you that there is a man who stands in queues for you, and in return, you've to pay him for his service. Well, we aren't kidding!

This man named Robert Samuel started his own company named “Same Ole Line Dudes”,a professional line-sitting company located in New York.

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The company was started accidently when iPhone 5s was being launched. He predicted that people will go crazy for the phone and will head to the store to grab it. And hence, Samuel posted an ad on Craigslist and offered to stand in the line on someone's behalf. 

Little did he knew that this random ad of line-sitting will become his source of money, in future!

In case you are thinking how much he earns with this job then get ready to be shocked! Samuel once made $14,000 in one day while waiting for others' iPhones.

Source: elitedaily

Slowly, Samuel’s company became famous and now it manages 20-30 “dudes” (other guys) who help him to wait in queues for his clients.

Few of dudes are his school friends and some are the people he met on the streets of New York.

Source: elitedaily

If you want to hire these dudes then you need to know that, for the first two hours, employees of Same Ole Line Dudes charge $45, and then $10 for every additional half hour. If a client gives them a short notice or the weather is bad, they charge additional fees.

So, next time if you are standing in a queue then think of it as a career opportunity.

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Posted by Elite Daily on Friday, 7 April 2017


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