A 'D*ck Lipstick' For Your Beauty "Essentials". Whassay, Ladies?

Sure can't sing 'In love with the Shape of You' for this one!

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29th July is now recognised as National Lipstick Day! Yes, you read it right! Whether sheer or light or dark or bright, 29th July is to celebrate this makeup essential for most of us ladies.

A lipstick has always been surrounded by controversy. From the British Parliament banning it in 1770 to the recent movie ‘Lipstick under my Burkha”. But, the controversy just took to Level  99 with this new invention, the ‘D*ck Lipstick’.

Confused? Clueless? Well, I got not many words to explain so here are pictures that will do the work-

Miss Rose’s explicit Dick Lipstick!

The slender, cylindrical shape can move out for a moment and make a little space for this new shaped one which has bulbous bell end, urethral opening and detailed creases! These lippies weigh 3.4g and come in a variety of shades, of lipstick shade range of course!

As if this wasn’t enough, I’m sure the name of this quirky range will get you. The ‘Penis Shape Mushroom Long Lasting Moisture Cosmetic Rouge Pop Matte Lipstick Lips Makeup Lipstick’ is already a hit amongst the ladies of varied age group. They are happily flaunting their new purchase and overwhelming reviewing the product as “very satisfactory”!

The product description gets straight to the point of the matter:

If you have ever felt awkward eating a banana in public, then this lipstick is about to make you feel like you’re in a porno by simply applying a swipe of lippy.

Rather than opting for the classic cylindrical stick, for their new range, they came up with the idea of making their lipsticks into the shape of cocks. Beyond the obvious bell-end, each peen is perfected with veiny wrinkly detail.

Now I’m sure all you ladies out there might give a look but if secretly you’re tempted to own this mischievous little beauty essential, then you can order it for just £1.12 ($1.47), from Ali Express.

Now you might want to avoid pulling it out of your bag in public for that quick touch up. Just a little “tip” from me!

Infomation source: unilad

Title image source: aliexpress

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