From DiCaprio's Catch Me If You Can To Ranveer's 'Ladies vs Ricky Bhal', Here We Dig Deep Into The Psyche Of CON ARTISTS!

"I want to live a life and not just play a part" - The psyche of the famous CON MEN around!

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He witnessed his father's journey from rags to riches, pulled off his first con at the age of 15, conned people by becoming an airline pilot, a sociology teacher, a Harvard lawyer and a prison inspector all by the age of 21. You score no brownie points to guess the work of this supremely skilled Conartist Frank Abagnale Jr from the famous movie Catch Me If You Can.

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He fools a small town girl with his innocence and "attaichi case", a hot-shot corporate manager with fake art, and a soft heart girl with a sad story. Girl power comes into play and this "Bloody Kamina" is given the taste of his own medicine (because lets face it, it happens only in Bollywood) and suddenly this conman falls head over heels for a supermarket salesgirl/congirl (because girl power with fancy clothes and rich bit*h attitude is KOOL). And you will be given points to put your brain in labour to recollect this movie named "Ladies Vs Ricky Bhal"!

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Be it Hollywood's Frank or Bollywood's Ricky, you might draw parallels between them easily. They con people with their charm, intelligence and guilt-free conscious. Well, psychology categorises such people as sufferers of Narcissistic Personality Disorder as well as Sociopaths. These people lack empathy, are self-centered and have an unreasonable need for admiration and respect. Here is a list of traits that make them genius players of this game:

They sketch right circumstances:

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They lay the ground work with extensive research and a solid game plan. The respect they earn with time plays in their favour as they become less vulnerable to being suspected by their victims.

They read people:

The art to read people forms the major part of their game plan.'For the eyes cannot see what the mind does not know' hence it is essential for them to capture the victim's mind and conquer it. One of the master con artist known for his people reading skills is Ferdinand Waldo Demara.

They are not pathological Liars:

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They base their lies on calculations and strategies, they do not lie out of obsessive and compulsive needs.

"Sometimes it is easier living the lies" - Frank Abagnale Jr.

You gotta watch it cause that criminal brain is highly intelligent and skillfully trained!

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