10 Epic Comebacks From Lady Olenna Tyrell For When Life Is Being A Cersei To You

Did you know that the British actress has played a Bond girl (the ONLY Mrs. Bond)?

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Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg's badass character, Olenna Tyrell, is no more. But, did you know that the British actress has played a Bond girl (the ONLY Mrs Bond, actually, in "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service") as well as a secret agent in The Avengers in the 60’s?

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Yep! That’s she. Dame Diana is best known to younger audiences for her role as boss lady Olenna Tyrell in HBO series Game Of Thrones. Olenna Tyrell is one cunning stateswoman with zero tolerance for bullshit. We have drawn some crucial lessons from the Queen of Thorns’ masterclass to use in everyday situations when the nonsense grows Mountain-high:

1. When your colleague is being exceptionally sweet to you

2. When the server at the restaurant says that you can’t get the dessert before the mains (the nerve!)

3. When you encounter an insufferable know-it-all

4. When you are gifted yet another photo frame on your birthday

5. When you are single and broken inside but the only guys who flirt look like Freys

6. When you are being given a hard time about your high-school crush

7. When your friend is moping over a breakup

8. When your date looks nothing like his Tinder profile

9. When you need your money back from your colleague but she is “busy”

10.When you’re talking your friend and your mother gets a little too curious

All hail Lady Olenna of Houses Redwyne and Tyrell, sharp, deadly and legendary. What are your favourite Queen of Thorns quotes? Share with us in the Comments below!

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