Dhoka of Bollywood Movies Vs Real Life Experiences

some movies actually give us expectations while the reality is something different. so we bring you some of the expectations that were never same.

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We all have seen Bollywood movies if you live in India. While some of the movies which are inspired by real life experiences are true and you can relate them with your real life, there are movies that sometimes don’t show you the exact thing that might have happened at that time and so instead they show you some things which can never happen! So some movies actually give us expectations while the reality is something different and so we bring you some of the expectations that were never same when we look at reality.

1. If a boy or a girl has recently broke up, they that their partner would still be waiting for them which will be something like this:


Source: Youtube

But just after 4 days they will come to know that their partner has already found someone new like this:


Source: Huffingtonpost

2. If you found a girl that you just met, talked with and you both smiled and shared some things in common and so you asked her for a date exactly in your first meeting, you expect her answer to be yes


Source: Financialexpress

But instead she will give you a look which will be probably something like this:


Source: India-forums

3. Iff you find a guy who is smart and handsome according to you, probably someone whom you are really interested in and you think he must be single just like you waiting for someone like you, expectations would be something like this:


Source: Dawn

And then again the reality turns out that he already has so many of “someones” just like:


Source: Webchutney

4. You meet toppers of your class and you think that everyone loves them and wants to be like them and are nice to them like:


Source: Playbuzz

But the reality is that no one wants them and everybody talks about them and they end up being alone like:


Source: g3ar

5. If you ever fall in love, you actually do things that are out of the way and you think people will recognize that you are in love and will find it cute something like this:


Source: Youtube

Instead they end up saying you things like this:


Source: Youtube

6. If you are travelling in bus or flight you expect someone to be young and good looking just like you so that you can talk and maybe reach another level of friendship like:


Source: Emirates

But end up meeting people like this:


Source: Youtube

Title image: Youtube

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