OMG! Kathappa Took One For The Team Again And We Came Up With Some Bizarre Reasons Why?

We have theories of reasons why this heartbreaking action must have been taken!

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Disclaimer: The strategy of the article just mirrors the strategy used by Dhinchak Pooja, although her lyrics make no sense her videos were a RAGE. You will disappoint yourself if you expect something sensible in the end. Hence, we request you to go with the flow and enjoy the read.

Just when the country was grief stricken with the recent tragedies, world terror, Rakhi Sawant’s Instagram post and accepting Veena Malik as the news anchor, we just got hit with a severe blow.



 And the bigger news is the man behind this fatal blow was the new warrior in town KATHAPPA SINGH:

source: huffingtonpost

Well, just when we decided to have fun hypothesizing the reason behind this heartbreaking news, the “violent” and “criminal” nature of her songs caught our attention. We thought that the songs were a desperate attempt to be in limelight and how they offended Gandhian Thoughts of Peace and Non-Violence.

Here is how it works:

When you have a legit reason to KILL someone:

source: flickr

Because you gotta break a leg and some bones:

source: flickr

Ensuring safety in your selfie:

source: flickr

Because they can kill or die for her:

source: flickr

You think it is easy to handle so much fame?

source: flickr

The ultimate #Goals:

source: flickr

source: tenor

Title image source: Jinnions, Baahubali

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