Dhinchak Pooja Has Just Dropped Another Single And, Er, We Don't Know What To Say

The 'Swag wali topi' hitmaker bestows the world with yet another gem of musical excellence.

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Selfie lena mera kaam, na interest kisi baat me...

- Dhinchak Pooja.

If you don't know who the potential Grammy-AMA-Sangeet Natak Akademi hopeful Dhinchak Pooja is, allow us to enlighten you.

The young singer, who shot to celestial glory with her 'Swag Wali Topi', is a class apart.

She is beautiful, confident, and can teach us a thing or two about not giving a flying fuck about trivial things like propriety, aesthetics, and a sense of rhythm in music.

In addition, her 'Daaru Daaru Daaru' was a paean to all those bravehearts who have zero tolerance for the wusses who can't hold their alcohol AND dance at the same time.

This time, Dhinchak Pooja has released her latest thought-provoking, profound and aesthetically pleasing music video.

"Side ho jaa re Uncle, selfie loon na sath me." Me to every Uncle ever.

This music (if you can call it that) has affected all our lives deeply. It teaches us that "Haters be hatin'" is a perfectly valid reason to whatever the nine Hells you feel like doing. 

Even if it means taking selfies at myriad locations around Delhi while also driving an Audi "subah, shaam aur raat", not bothering about insignificant issues like career, family and oh, I don't know, food?

We will remain eternally thankful to Dhinchak Pooja, whoever she is, for being an icon for all us misguided millenials.

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