Devendra Fadnavis Government To Launch Food Truck Policy In Maharashtra Soon

Only in Mumbai, the hotel industry has its annual turnover of nearly Rs 35,000 crore and they employ more than 5 lakh people every year.

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Reacting to the demands of a delegation of the office bearers from the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) who met chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Monday, the state government will now prepare a special policy to encourage food trucks in the city.

One of the major demands of the NRAI was a reduction in the number of licenses that are required to set up a hotel in the state especially in Mumbai.

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As per the officials, the tourism department and the BMC will be asked to look into the making of the policy.

The Times of India quoted Fadnavis saying, "The government will work on a separate policy for food trucks in the city. It is a good concept and it will be beneficial in areas where there are offices or tourists areas. Even women self-help groups can benefit out of the concept".

"Nearly 29 licences will be reduced in the coming few months. Already some licences or permissions have been merged or have been done away with," TOI quoted an official.

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The government is also planning to make a single window system to get licences easily. According to the new policies of government if one wants to open a restaurant or hotel there is no need to take police's permission.

"The state government is trying to cut more licences out. However, it is an on-going process as many authorities are involved in the process and they are also being consulted for the same," an official said.

Information Source: TOI

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