This Designer Makes Furniture By Using His Own Body


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Furniture design is a concept that is gradually gaining the attention of many. One such out-of-the world design concept was thought by Nikolas Bentel; who used his own naked body to stand as furniture.

Named "Corpus Collection", it is a line of furniture designed using only the designer’s body.

The video is a bit of his 6 part series that talks about design and how we as humans can become human again in the 21st century. 

‘All Purpose Nik’ is the collection which has a series of furniture that throws light on the nature of the human body. This is what is gaining traction of many and why not? It is definitely unusual.

He was struck with the idea when he understood how challenging it is to design a furniture range. Be it drawing the initial illustrations or filing the patent.

This is what Bentel wrote as the video description-

Is it possible to survive without our everyday objects? Can we reinsert the human back into the human experience? This video is part of a 6 part series about design and how we as humans can become human again in the 21st century.

In the span of two months, Bentel came up with six varied body positions. This included a table, coat rack, lounger, and chair.

A lot of thought was put behind this which had a monochromatic design manual that includes measurements and angles with accuracy. It also counts the time it requires to hold each position. The time counts to four-and-a-half hours for the chair position whereas challenging poses like the table needs one hour.

The series was displayed at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. It was showcased at the beginning of this year in order to measure buyers interested in it. Bentel was surprised as he saw many people showing interest in his work. Bentel said that the experience has taught him a great deal about how much effort is invested into creating a simple piece of furniture.

Information and image sourced from designtaxi

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