Denied Sex In India, Peacock Ravages $500 Worth Of Liquor In California

Understandably injured by Rajasthan HC judge MC Sharma's declaration of peacocks as celibate virgins, this creature flew to California.

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Recently, India was enlightened with a gem of celestial wisdom by a Rajasthan High Court judge MC Sharma, who proclaimed that peacocks and peahens are celibate beings who reproduce by consumption of male peacock tears.

As (unintentionally) radical-feminist that might sound, peacocks aren't happy with being branded sexless virgins.

Peacocks are now under pressure to preserve their celibate image, lest the rooster be declared the National Bird of our country.

But one frustrated peacock has had it enough, and like every Indian with the ability to fly to foreign lands when faced with a load of problems (cough *Mallya* cough), this one flew straight to California.

A peacock was found in the Royal Oak Liquor Store in Arcadia, California trying to look for a magic potion to drown its sorrows.

But given the inability of peacocks to tackle objects like tin caps and corks, it could not find its fix, and thus dejected, ravaged $500 worth of liquor bottles.

We feel you, Peacock!

Its masochistic trip, however, was shortlived as Animal Control captured it and released it into the wild.

Hopefully the creature will find some action in the forests of the US. We mean, at least someone should! 


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