Post Demonetisation, RBI Starts The Printing Of ₹200 Notes!

These notes will have some advanced security features!

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The country was shaken with the sudden stroke of "demonetisation", a few months back and was troubled with the cash crunch that followed later.To deal with the persisting cash crunch, Reserve Bank Of India has started the printing process of ₹200 notes. 

The Economic Times recently reported that the RBI had placed an order for ₹200 notes, and the notes are being printed at a government-owned facility. These notes will make the day-to-day transactions easy and the advanced security features will prevent counterfeiting.

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source: hindustantimes

Demonetisation had created an extreme cash crunch before the RBI issued new ₹500 and ₹2000 notes. It will be the first time a note of this denomination will be printed. However, RBI has made not an official statement or issued a notification on the matter.

The ₹500 note was replaced by a new bill of the same denomination after demonetisation and this recent development of ₹200 currency note would be the third new bill following the move. 

It was in March that the proposal of introducing this new bill was cleared given the cash shortfall. However, these newly introduced bills will fill the void in the economic flow soon. 

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