Delhi Restro Owners Find Alternate Ways To Serve Hookah After Ban

Restaurants in the capital, which served hookah at premium prices are now switching to vapes and hookah pens.

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There is no way you can ban something in Delhi. 

Last month when the restaurants were threatened to cancel the licenses of eateries and hotels serving the tobacco water pipes. But it seems that many establishments have found escape routes.

Apparently, the restaurants who serve hookahs at premium prices, have now switched to vapes and hookah pens.

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Vapes or vapours is another type of modern hookahs that can fit in any way like a pen. Vapes in a device which can be electronically charge filled with fluids that provide the flavour, which may or may not have nicotine.

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One hookah session typically lasts 20 to 80 minutes and a user may inhale as much smoke during one session as puffing on 100 or more cigarettes says the World Health Organisation.

"These vapes are a onetime investment. The only thing you need to buy is the e-liquid, which is available at any local paan shop," India Today quoted one of the restaurant owners.

The owner who charges Rs 599 for vape added, “That since the e-liquid doesn't contain any tobacco, it doesn't fall under any tobacco or cigarette law. Apart from being available locally, these modern-day hookahs are also selling online, making it easier for enthusiasts to purchase them.A vape costs anywhere between Rs 2,000-3,000 and rates can go up till Rs 10,000. And the e-liquid can be purchased for about Rs 300".

Information Source: IndiaToday 

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