Get Over Kenny And Biswa, This Delhi Boy Is The Latest On The Funny Block

The Delhi accent and incessant use of expletives by such a cute face is wait, *one minute* funny AF!

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Untidy beard, nerdy glasses and I-give-zero-fucks looks!

Abhishek Upmanyu, the guy who made waves on Youtube with his Delhi vs Mumbai video is definitely here to stay as he has posted another video which has crossed more than 2 million hits.

He has performed at the Canvas Laugh Club and in the first video he entertained one and all with his naive description of how people in Mumbai are tonnes sweeter than the talwar-ghusa-denge Delhiites.

This time around he is all about why we should respect elders!

He is one of those rebellious kids who blatantly goes and asks his father why he should respect elders? And according to him his father is funnier at it than he is and his answer will make you go *rofl*

Secondly, he seems to very disturbed with discrimination that comes with respect and is up arms against it!

And lastly, he tells you how NOT to give compliments!

Title image: youtube

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