A 7-Year-Old From Delhi Found Playing The ‘Blue Whale’ Game

Delhi girl gets the shock of her life as she finds her niece playing Blue Whale.

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The Internet has undoubtedly become a huge part of our lives and most of us don’t seem to know how to function without it. From buying groceries to making friends, the Internet has entered all domains of our lives. As much as it is useful, there’s no denying that it is slowly taking control of our lives. Our generation is almost addicted to smartphones, Facebook, maps, selfies and games and cannot really do without these.

As if the addiction to mobile apps wasn’t enough, India was taken aback last month with the news of a Mumbai - based teenager committing suicide after taking the infamous Blue Whale Challenge.

Started in Russia in 2013, this Internet game consists of a series of tasks assigned to the players over a period of 50 days, the final task being suicide.

Philipp Budeikin, the creator Blue Whale, justifies the game as an attempt to “cleanse the earth of biological waste.”

Scary as it sounds, what follows is scarier.

A few days ago, Priyanka Bansal, a Delhi Based girl, found out that her 7 year old niece had downloaded Blue Whale on her father’s phone. She took Facebook to narrate this incident and to sensitize people about the effects it can have on children.

(Since the game has been banned by the authorities, maybe the kid downloaded another game with a similar name).

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 Alert – *Blue Whale Game* : It is entering our homes slowly.

My 7 yr old niece who is comfortable in using android play store and usually download baby games and play. We take it lightly and let her use our phones. Today after coming from school she asked her mother to spell blue and without any doubt, she dictated it to her. After some time she asked her to spell whale too. Her mother failed to relate it as she asked it at a different point. The day went usually with mundane chores.


I was amazed to hear those words coming out of this tiny mouth and confirmed: “Beta are you asking about whale?” She confirmed that she is asking for the new game. “No No that Blue Whale game I am asking,” she said. A sense of fear rushed inside me, “but why are you asking cia, vo tou bhoot ki game hain” I said worriedly. ( We Indians relate anything to bhoot( Ghost)to keep kids out of it) this trick worked.


I asked her, why and how did you come to know about this game. She said there are 2 bhaiya in her school van who asked all these kids to download this game and not to delete it, they also said this is a very funny and interesting game. I thought whom she is referring would be senior boys but again she surprised us by telling that they are small kids of 4-5 class, she is in 1st standard.



She is very small and I am sure she would not have gone further in operating this game or in reading instructions, but who knows if she could have done this.
Fortunately, we got to know about her actions in the very initial stage of this stupidity.

I was worried for those boys too, have informed the school principal to call and talk to the parents and alert them for these actions of their innocent kids.
We made a few clip after making her calm down and asking the incident once again.


In order to dissuade her niece from becoming a victim of this game, Bansal told her that the game was haunted. Petrified, the 7-year-old began to cry incessantly.

She also recorded a few videos of her niece recounting what happened and what made her download this game.

You can read the entire FB post here.


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