Deepika Padukone Is The Newest Victim Of Social Media Trolls

What is the definition of a perfect body for these social media trolls?

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It seems social media is becoming a platform to criticise others, and when it comes to any celebrity, the so-called social media critic jumps up to stamp their nasty and rude opinions.

Recently, when Deepika Padukone shared her picture on Instagram she was heavily trolled for being ‘too skinny’.

The Padmavati star posted some pictures on Instagram from the latest cover shoot for the jewellery feature for a magazine. The picture features Deepika in a black slip dress, wearing a signature diamond necklace, her eyes look dark with the use of the smokey eyeshadow that she paired with nude lips.


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However, her bold look didn’t impress her fans and they started suggesting her to eat food and gain weight.

Some social media users went too far and called her the 'dead rat' while some expressed their concern over the actress' eating habits.

Here are some ugly responses to the picture:

Source: DeepikaInstagram

Recently popular Indian television actress Aneri Vajani was body shamed on social media for sporting a bikini on her "too skinny" body.

When 'Desi Girl' Priyanka Chopra met with Prime Minister Modi wearing a knee length dress, people ridiculed her for "showing her legs" in front of the Prime Minister.

Time and again many celebs, especially women, have been fat- or skinny-shamed. Will this ever stop?


Title Image: Deepika 

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