9 Times Facebook Pages Became Black Holes Where Common Sense Goes To Die

Seven curses upon that Facebook friend whose activity makes this insanity show up on our timelines!

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Memes have been perfected to an art form. There are meme and humour pages on Facebook that floor you with their subtle and witty brand of humour. 

And then there is this, that shows up on your page thanks to that one classmate from school you didn't know you were friends with:

Source: me

Umm...I'm sorry?

There are several pages like these that have gone past the point of recall when it comes to creating humourless, or even relatable memes, if you can still call them that. 

They are just a vortex of disappointment that suck you in and make you want to tear your hair out in utter helplessness.

Source: tdc


Source: tenor

Here's some more mind-bending information for you:

1. Psst.... because 'ultra stylish' =/= dateable.

Source: tdc

2. Fairly certain that works exclusively on Ramesh and Suresh...

Source: truelove

3. Because a lively Instagram is all every desi MIL wants, right?

Source: girlishdiary

4. Whatever TF this is...

Source: deardiary

5. Facebook bhi "chord" do please!

Source: ded

6. The humour is too subtle for lesser mortals like us to comprehend.

Source: dosti

7. ...including the bot that generated this random mess of words.

Source: dearcrush

8. 'Cocrojes' of the world, beware.

Source: girlscafe

9. Casual sexism... casual sexism everywhere....

Source: girlzfacts

Source: reactiongifs

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