David Attenborough's Voice Helps Heal Boy Who Was Stabbed 76 Times!

We’re sure the young boy will thank David Attenborough for being crucial in giving him a new lease of life.

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Now we’ve all loved David Attenborough for reasons a hundred. The numero uno being his voice!

The broadcaster turned naturalist’s voice has reached about every land and every shore in the world.

But after this incident, we can surely say his voice even reaches into one’s heart.

A 10-year old Chinese boy is making an unbelievably speedy recovery by listening to Attenborough’s voice in planet Earth II.

The boy was stabbed 76 times by his father with a meat cleaver. The father, identified as Sheng, slashed the boy with a chopper, 29 strikes of which were on the head alone. The boy then lost consciousness.

Sheng, who had plans to commit suicide after killing the boy, had a change of mind. He surrendered himself after realising the damage he caused to his son.

The doctors are in a state of shock after looking at the boy’s condition. They said they’ve never seen so many stabs at a person alone.

Doctor Wang Gang of the trauma department, Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University said:

The boy lay on the stretcher unable to move. His head, face and both hands were mangled and covered in blood. His head and forehead had the most wounds, with some laceration as long as 15 centimetres and so deep they reached his skull.

The boy bears a 10-centimetre cut into the right side of his face and has all his fingers broken, Dr Wang added.

It took a team of 50 members of the staff, doctor and nurses to save the boy from dying. They feared the boy 'could have died at any minute' while he lay on the operating table.

Even as the scales of the boy’s life were tipped more towards death, he lived. He has now been shifted from the intensive care unit and is recovering well.

More than the physical pain, it’s the mental trauma that is being difficult for the child to suffer through, say the doctors.

But looks like they have found a way to distract him from his thoughts and how!

The picture is taken in the boy’s room while he watched the iconic Planet Earth II iguana vs snakes scene with the help of nurse Wu Yuqin.

The doctors have been able to establish that Attenborough’s voice is helping the child heal through the emotional pain and also helping him improve his English!

Sheng is still in the custody of Hangzhou City police and being investigated for the gruesome incident.

Who knew a TV show could be healing apart from being entertaining!

We’re sure the young boy will thank David Attenborough for being crucial in giving him a new lease of life.

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