Dave, The Period Fairy Is Winning The Internet For All The Right Reasons

This heartwarming post just made our day! Do you have a period fairy??

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No one would deny that periods are painful, tiring, basically, terrible and we’d think they can’t get any worse. But that is exactly when life decides to pop the bubble you are living in. So, what is worse than periods? Unexpected or early periods! Why? Because you aren’t prepared.

Imagine the horror of Jane, who got her period four days before her date, that’s not all, while she was on a hiking trip.

Normally this could have been a catastrophic experience, given the society's strange aversion towards periods. I mean, how hard is it to believe that it's a normal bodily function and not the end of the world!

But sometimes, good people come to your rescue. Jane shared her story on Reddit and explained how ‘Dave, the Period Fairy’ came to her rescue.

She writes:

 Image source: allthechaos

This post instantly became a sensation and Reddit users around the world are in love with Dave, so much so, that they want his clones! Now, wouldn't that be amazing!

  Image source: allthechaos

 Image source: allthechaos

The world needs more people like Dave. Period.

Information source: allthechaos

Cover image source: mumslounge

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