Daroon Dada: These 10 Unknown Facts About Sourav Ganguly Will Amaze You

Dada has been pretty shy about his personal life, so we bring you some unknown facts about the Bengal Tiger whose roar has been loud and fierce for years!

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We are aware of all the gifts Dada has given to Indian cricket in his exemplary career spanning over two decades where he has been amongst the most successful cricket captains in the world. Be his constant nail biting during stressful matches or showing extreme elation by swinging his T-shirt a bit Salman style, he has never failed to exude enthusiasm. However, Dada has been pretty shy about his personal life, so we bring you some unknown facts about the Bengal Tiger whose roar has been loud and fierce for years!

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1. The Maharaja

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Sourav was nicknamed Maharaj by his parents in his childhood when they hardly knew that he would become the Maharaj of Indian cricket one day. Later ace commentator and batsman Geoffrey Boycott called him The Prince of Calcutta after his successful sprint overseas.

2. Born with a silver spoon

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Sourav’s father Chandidas Ganguly owned the 3rd largest printing press in Asia along with other flourishing businesses, and the Gangulys are amongst the richest people in the ‘City of Joy’.

3. Like Brother like Brother

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Dada is right handed, bowls right handed, writes right handed, does everything under the sun with his right hand but he is a left hander batsman because initially he had to use his brother Snehahshish’s batting kit who is lefty.

4. First love football

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Like every Bengali boy, footfall was his passion since childhood but during his class 10 holidays he was enrolled at a cricket academy on his brother’s insistence and that is how his tryst with cricket began.

5. Arrogant much?

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He debuted in Brisbane in 1992, but was constantly dropped after that owing to complaints that he was arrogant. He had refused to carry water bottles for an older cricketer saying it was not his job, an allegation he has always denied.

6. Running between families

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After a successful tour of England, Dada eloped with Dona Roy, his childhood sweetheart because their families were sworn enemies at that time. The news caused uproar between them but later both families reconciled and held a formal wedding in February 1997.

7. Religious man

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Ganguly and his family have strong religious beliefs and are known hold huge Durga, Kali and Sarawati pujas at home. So much so, Sourav himself fasts every Tuesday without fail.

8. Iconic Idol

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There is an apartment in Kolkata named after him. It is called the Sourav Housing Complex. Kolkata knows how to respect its icon.

9. Hotelier hot shot

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Following Sachin’s footsteps, Sourav opened a restaurant in Palk Street called Sourav’s – The Food Pavillion which was inaugurated by Sachin himself.


10. Honouring him wholeheartedly

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A 1.5 km road in Rajarhat in North 24 pariganas distrct of West Bengal is named after this superstar batsman. He himself unveiled a plaque containing the new name of the road ‘Sourav Ganguly Avenue’ at a function organized by Rajarhat Municipality.

Sourav Ganguly will forever be remembered as the guy who made India believe that we can perform well even in overseas conditions and ushered in a new era of Indian Cricket when scandals had rocked this block! Dada no matter what will always be our favourite!

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