Daniel Fernandes' New Video On Rape Threats and Indian Mentality Is A Must Watch!

"Rape Culture is deep rooted in India," says Danny!

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Daniel Fernandes is one of those comedians who often take up social causes and try to create awareness amongst the audience by indirectly bringing out the ills of the society.

Daniel who has previously focused on topics such as prostitution and marital rape has this time around, taken up Gurmehar Kaur's case and is up arms against the guys who apparently threatened the girl for having a stand!

He says," Women have been doing what men have asked them to do no questions asked! but now they are developing bad habits that having an opinion AND even expressing it."

Although most of his jokes are below the belt, they hold a very deep message that he is trying to convey through sarcasm.

He says rape culture is deep rooted in India and people should stop giving excuses of a WOMEN CARD and VITIM CARD taking a dig at the Karan-Kangana spat too!

His mono act ends on a hilarious note where he is pleading Modiji to intervene and say something about this hocus pocus.

Ending it with an impeccable analogy to the demonetisation hoopla, he acts out Modiji to quite his best!

All in all, it is a good, educational and hilarious must watch!

Title Image: Youtube

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