Meet India’s Yoga Gold Medallist Who Is Working As A Daily Wage Labourer In Chhattisgarh

She is also paying off a loan she took to attend the sports meet.

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India is the perfect country for ironical instances, where on one side we appreciate PM Modi celebrating Yoga on International Yoga Day, on the other side we have a yoga gold medallist who hopelessly struggles to make ends meet.

Meet Damini Sahu, a 19-year-old girl and passionate yoga performer. She comes from a poor background but her fervour towards yoga paved her way to sporting glory when she represented India in the South-Asian Yoga Sports Championship, Kathmandu.

However, the B. Com. First Year student had to plead Minister Ajay Chandrakar for financial help to attend the event.

Source: newindianexpress

When asked, Damini said,

I didn’t have money to go to Nepal. On May 4, I pleaded with Minister Ajay Chandrakar who is from our Kurud area for financial support but didn’t get any help. Finally, I had to take a loan at 2 per cent per month interest rate to attend the yoga sports event.

Despite repeated attempts Ajay Chandrakar, the Health and Panchayat & Rural Development minister, was not responsive to her requests.

But she didn't give up, and went for the contest despite all the hindrances- achieving three gold and silver medals at the tournament held in Kathmandu.

Source: worldnow

Damini said she has been struggling to get a labour card for the past several months.

After slogging for 8-10 hours daily I barely earn Rs 100-150. My mother too is a labourer. My father is handicapped with his right hand not working and mostly makes a living by selling balloons. My school has been a source of inspiration for me. Now I only do yoga if I can manage time in the evening.

When will we shake off the apathy and extend our sportspeople the assistance they truly need?

Information source: inshorts, newindianexpress

Title image: newindianexpress

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