Cyber Police Close Hrithik-Kangana Case Owing To “Lack Of Credible Evidence"

Ongoing legal battle between Hrithik and Kangana finally put to an end!

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The long lasting feud between Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut has been put to an anticlimactic end by the cyber police. Citing lack of credible evidence, Police have closed the case filed by Hrithik Roshan against Kangana Ranaut.

Hrithik had earlier opened a case against Kangana claiming that the romantic and private emails, that Kangana ascertained to be sent from an email account managed by Hrithik, were indeed sent through a fake account and were the works of an imposter. Kangana once indirectly mentioned Hrithik as a ‘silly ex’ in an interview to which Hrithik hit back immediately stating, he had more chance of having an affair with the ‘Pope’ than with any other women the media has been naming. This was the start of a fight which went on for a long time.

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Doctored images regarding apparent link-up between Kangana and Hrithik were released earlier. These rumours were to denied by Sussanne Khan by tweeting the original pic.

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Cyber police further told, they were not able to find any positive leads regarding who was actually using the account. Police tracked the whereabouts of this account to a server in USA and they further added that the server could have been managed by anyone. Owing to this recent development, Mumbai Police’s forensic department has submitted a ‘NIL’ report in the ongoing case.

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Over the past year, lots of accusations and speculations were thrown by the superstars against each other and this feud between them got ugly to the point that police had to intervene. Does this mean advantage Kangana? Or Hrithik will pursue this case any further? Lots of questions to be answered, but for now we can only be glad that this fight has been put to an end.

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