Cuba Government To Bring Back The Hourly Rental ‘Love Motels’

With these motels, Cuban authorities hope to provide cheaper options for love-making in the city.

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Till 1990, Havana, the capital city of Cuba was quite boastful about the slew of state-run pay-per-hour motels in the city. But these were later converted to homes for hurricane victims.

Wow! Cuba was pretty forward back then.

The country's official trade union weekly Trabajadores announced on Monday that the state has decided to bring back the ‘good old day’ by reintroducing the motels, or "posadas".

Youth of Cuba right now -

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Though there are many private houses for the, erm, purpose, but they are available at exorbitant prices. Officials say the Posadas will be cheaper and will help end the practice of love-making in Havana's open spaces.

Private renters usually provide air-conditioned rooms, a fridge, and a comfortable bed at a cost of $5 for three hours, which is a sixth of the average Cuban monthly salary. Many families in Havana have to share apartments. Divorced couples are often forced to remain together because of the housing shortage.

With these hourly rental motels, Cuban authorities hope to provide cheaper options for love-making in the city.

Another city made it to your travel goal list!

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Information source: bbc

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