Did You Know Resorts In Naftalan Are Treating Guests With Crude Oil Bath?

This is insane!

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Move over the essential oil bath and chocolate bath! Because the ‘crude oil’ bath is all set to leave you awestruck. 

Yes, folks! The bathing is popular for decades now and has healing properties.

Azerbaijan dug the world’s first oil well in 1847. 170 years later, Azeri Light crude oil is the country’s most precious and valuable resource.

While oil is the most found and used commodity here, how can they keep themselves away from experimenting with it while bathing?

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About 320 kilometres west of Baku- the capital city, a small town named Naftalan awaits you. This town uses unusual local oil, which is also called as Naftalan. The resorts in this town offers crude oil bath to all its visitors. 

Health Benefits:

According to Hashim Hashimov, a medical specialist at Naftalan Health Center in Baku,

"The oil can heal more than seventy diseases, including neurological diseases, skin conditions, gynecological, urological diseases and impotence, especially good results reached in treatment of rheumatism.

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Call it an elixir or a hot oil massage-bath, the bathing has been followed since ancient times here.

The crude oil found here is too thick for commercial use and doesn’t foster in the burning. But according to a BBC report, the oil is said to be different from other commercial varieties and contains a special ‘ingredient’.

According to NYT,

Naftalan crude contains about 50% naphthalene, a hydrocarbon best known as the stuff of mothballs. It's also an active ingredient in coal tar soaps, which are used by dermatologists to treat psoriasis, though in lower concentrations.

The Bathing process:

As per the report of BBC, this entire oil-spa session, nearly one barrels-worth is heated up to about 40 degrees Celsius (or 104 degrees Fahrenheit). This oil is heated by a guru at the health centre.

The spa-attendees are permitted to stay in that bath for only ten minutes because it is said that, “it can affect the heart rate”.

After bathing, the oil on the patients' bodies is scraped off for roughly 40 minutes, while the rest of it goes back to a common tank.

Information source: businessinsider, cnn

Title image: cnn

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