Cristiano Ronaldo Got A New Statue In His Hometown, And It Is Just A Little 'Different'

The footballer has real bad luck when it comes to statues, it seems.

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The town of Madeira in Portugal recently celebrated its star, footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, by naming its airport after him. The Aeroporto Cristiano Ronaldo also has a statue of the player which is...well... different.

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While neither the President of Portugal nor the Real Madrid star himself expressed it, their thoughts this statue could not have been very charitable.

Meanwhile, the Internet, ever ready to jump at the slightest opportunity to create memes, grabbed this #statuefail by the neck.

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The resemblance is uncanny...

Is this the new Stephen King adaptation that's coming out?

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Copper is the new Orange!

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Remember this cameo in The Empire Strikes Back?

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Copper Man?

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Oh the horror!

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What can we say, we're just sorry.

Meanwhile, CR7 must be like...

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