This Gujarat Crematorium Remodeled Into An Airport, Got Airplanes Named Moksha And Swarg!

Chairman of the Trust, Somabhai Patel always believed that the departed ones start a new journey after death.

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Creativity took another level when airlines and plane rides were introduced strictly for the departed ones.

Destination, you ask? The Afterlife, duh.

Antim Yatra crematorium in Gujarat’s Bardoli district has replicated itself to look like an airport. The remodeled airport has two mock aircrafts of forty feet each, a departure and an arrival lounge. One of the airlines is named Moksha (salvation) Airlines while the other is Swarg (heaven) Airlines.

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Scheduled to be inaugurated by the end of October, the crematorium endeavors to reduce the pain of sorrow. It also makes believe that the journey to salvation of the departed souls will be trouble-free.

“People are more than happy in accompanying you to the airport than to crematoriums. I want to ease the pain of people who lose their dear ones by making them believe that the soul has just begun a new journey,” said Somabhai Patel, chairman of the Rupaben Sitaram Trust that operates the crematorium.

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The crematorium has had its existence since three decades now. It was however some years back that the trust took the initiative to remodel it. Funds for this purpose were raised and the renovation was started. The swanky new airport-like crematorium was built for a sum of Rs 3.5 crores.

The trust officials guide the funeral procession groups to one of the five gates which represent the airport terminals. Then a sound of the jet plane taking off will be played just when the funeral pyre is lit, supported by a touchdown sound when the cremation is getting over.

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 “As a child, I was always told by elders not to cry for departed souls as they leave for a new journey in planes,” Patel, 83, told HT on what inspired him to remodel the crematorium.

The crematorium currently performs the last rites of the people of 80 villages around Bardoli. It is expected to get busier after the renovation. Cremation charges of Rs 1,000 have been relinquished since 2015 and last rites will continue to be performed for free, making the final journey worthwhile.

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