These Creative Kids Made A Newspaper For Their Cat To Read While He Poops

Baba Ganoush is a 7-year-old adorable cat who we presume now is developing his reading skills!

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How far can you get creative when it comes to handling your lovely pet? Tying a hammock adjacent to yours and making a comfy bed for your cat is a thing of past.

Because the kids have now attained a new level of creativity by designing a special newspaper for their cat, Baba Ganoush who by sitting on his litter box now engages his time in reading newspaper.

The two little girls noticed that Baba Ganoush while pooping blankly stare at the walls and they felt bad for their favourite to get into such a boring job of “staring walls”.

Viola! Got invented was a special edition newspaper! 

To the Dodo, Jarrod Krieger, Baba Ganoush’s dad said,

They have made a couple issues so far and it started when we moved recently. Probably early fall, they are all the girls' ideas.

At the age of 10 and 12, these little girls left no stone unturned to make their cat feel special. They kept getting more creating as they included topics like “Pawlitics” and advertising chocolate brands like “Purshey’s".

Information and image source: thedodo

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