The Women Boxers Who Represented India & Bagged Gold, Bronze Will Be Gifted A Cow

The championship witnessed the participation of near about 200 players from over 30 countries.

Haryana Govt, World Youth Women Boxing Championship, 2017, Gold Medal, Bronze medal, Cow

What a proud moment it was for Indians when the girls brought home gold and bronze medals, but little did we know that the reward offered by Haryana Government will outshine more than glisters of gold and bronze.

Apparently, when the women boxers won gold and bronze medals in the World Youth Women Boxing Championship, Haryana’s Govt thought of conferring them with an unusual gift- Cow. Yes, you read it right!

Source: india

The championship was held between 19 and 26 November in Guwahati.

While gifting this was itself the bizarre-st thing ever, the brilliant reason that came bouncing after it was even more hilarious! This is what Haryana agriculture minister OP Dhankar told ANI,

(Unlike buffalo’s milk) cow’s milk contains less fat and is beneficial for boxers… a cow is very active, while a buffalo sleeps most of the time.

The women who bagged gold were Jyoti of Rohtak, Shashi of Hisar, Neetu and Sakshi of Haryana’s Bhiwani won gold medals each; whereas Neha of Kaithal and Anupama of Palwal bagged bronze medals.

All four gold medalists and two bronze medalists of World Youth Women Boxing Championship will be rewarded with one Indian breed cow each. With the milk of these cows, they will play better and remain strong.

Information source: outlookindia, thequint

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