Cow Pardoned From Death Sentence For Straying Into International Territory Without Paper Work!

The cow was accused of crossing the European Union border.

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On Monday, Bulgaria was seen living one of its historic moments as they pardoned the death sentence of Penka. Penka who? Penka - the cow.

Yes. In a first of its kind incident that was reported, Penka was awarded a death sentence after the cow was found crossing the European Union borders without legit documents. The situation caused an international furor.

Last month, Penka strayed from her native village Mazarachevo of Bulgaria. She unknowingly (of course!) walked into the neighboring country of Serbia.

She returned back to Bulgaria after two weeks only to be charged for breaching of guidelines which require even the animals to get their papers straight before entering the European Union.

The incident came to a limelight (As of it hadn’t already!) when people, especially in Britain, took to social media and branded Penka as ‘a victim of Brussels bureaucracy.’

Animal rights activists from all nook and corners of EU and Britain signed a petition asking Bulgaria to free the five-year-old cow. One of the petitioners included former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency considered the case and took Penka for a lab test so as to give her a clean bill of health.

“It is expected the animal will be allowed back to her former home in the village of Mazarachevo by the end of the week,” the agency said in a statement.

James Crisp, a journalist with Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, tweeted: “I read the moos today oh boy! HUGE HUGE HUGE PENKA NEWS. SHE WILL LIVE!!!!!!!!!.” The tweet was out just after the announcement and is inspired from one of Beatles’ songs.

Four Paws, an animal rights group said that there is a possibility of having many more Penkas out there who are crossing the EU borders on almost a daily basis.

Yavor Gechev, the spokesperson of the group, said, “It will be really cruel to kill all those animals. I do hope that if there is a gap in European legislation, Penka’s case will help to solve this issue.”

Information source: reuters

Title image source: telegraph

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