Could It BE Any More Uncanny? Check Out Today’s Google Doodle!

Google India celebrated the legendary playback singer Mukesh’s 93rd birth anniversary with a doodle.

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After musical maestro Pancham Da, Google India celebrated the legendary playback singer Mukesh’s 93rd birth anniversary with a doodle. But instead of that the Facebook users and Twitterati found something else to amuse themselves. So here goes:

Facebook user Vaibhav Vishal first posted this image on Facebook to point it out.

Source: facebook

I actually think Google India gets Kamal Hassan to model for all their doodles. It is he who plays Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Sarojini Naidu, Raj Kapoor, Kishore Kumar and Shakuntala Devi for them. How else can one explain their continued failure, one logo at a time, to get their doodles right!
...I outraged when they converted Jagjit Singh into a Vishwanathan Anand clone...or when they thought RD Burman was Altaf Raja in disguise…
BUT today's doodle doesn't make me angry. It is SO off the mark, it is SO lazy and SO moronic, that I actually have given up. I accept defeat.
The picture is meant to be that of the singer Mukesh. Even if you don't know what Mukesh looked like, you still know that somebody who sang Phool Tumhen Bheja Hai Khat Mein will not look like a Fred Astaire or a Frank Sinatra. Exactly why the Google India doodle does not model him after one of these guys, despite their visible urges. Instead, they make him look like Matthew Perry!
Matthew Perry. Chandler Bing.
I am now waiting for Ross and Joey to be featured as Shankar-Jaikishan. I am also imagining Chandler singing Sawan Ka Mahina Pawan Kare Sor to Monica. I cannot see Monica singing back to him, though. Lata Mangeshkar jokes are not allowed.
If the Google guys are reading this rant, here's a suggestion. Try one basic Google image search the next time you make an India doodle. That will really help. And if you are too lazy for that, ask me.
I'll be there for you.
PS: I made you sing that!

After which comments and tweets ensued with many people claiming to have observed the same.

Source: news18

Hey hey…  atleast you found one doppelganger!

We give you two photographs which might help you to decide! But whatever you choose there is no denying that they actually look similar!

Source: playbuzz


Source: youtube


C:\Users\user\Desktop\Reacho\pics\Chandler-4.gifSource: news18

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