Congress’ Poll Strategist Prashant Kishore To Be Dismissed For Failing To Bring In The ‘Magic Touch’

Congress’ best-laid plans in Uttar Pradesh elections are at risk because of rift between poll strategist Prashant Kishor and local leaders

Prashant Kishore, Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections, Rahul Gandhi, Indian National Congress

When Congress’ poll strategist Prashant Kishore was roped into the party to devise strategies for Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Assembly elections, many believed that the move was necessary as the party was facing downfall. But now, several Congress leaders are disappointed with the attitude of Kishore.

Some of the leaders alleged that, he has left most of the strategizing to his team members. A senior Congress leader, playing an important part in finalizing the party’s campaign in Uttar Pradesh, was last week heard saying that Kishor’s team was behind “damaging” reports in a section of the media. When the leader was asked why the party was continuing with Kishore’s services, he replied “Ask Rahul Gandhi.”

Prashant Kishore, who is a native of Bihar, had quit a UN health expert’s job in Africa in 2011 and returned to India to devise the election strategy to project Modi as the face of good governance in the 2012 Gujarat polls and the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with resounding success.

Kishore had also planned the election strategy for Nitish Kumar in Bihar Assembly elections of 2015. The Nitish Kumar government appointed him as CM's advisor and gave him the job of preparing vision document for Bihar’s long term development.

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Information source: financialexpress

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