Comedian Sunil Pal Answers To Tanmay Bhat’s Snapchat Video

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 Tanmay Bhat’s snapchat video is already a known controversy by now. In a viral video few days back, he was seen making fun of legends Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. He tried to do comedy but ended up insulting them. Many celebrities such as Anupam Kher, Ritesh Deshmukh let their displeasure known on twitter over this issue. Few people even went further and threatened to hurt Tanmay.

In reply, Sunil Pal, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge winner of 2005 shot a video to give an answer to Tanmay Bhat.

Sunil Pal stated on air at TV9 that, “Half the audience of Tanmay Bhat are gays and lesbians who like his sort of comedy and want to pollute our society and culture.” Sunil Pal also confessed that he didn’t understand Tanmay Bhat’s humor and what they do at AIB. He also said that they are trying to do a stand up comedy, but stand up comedy is not their cup of tea.

He continued "You will never understand even a single joke of his. All he does in his shows is stand in front of the crowd with a mic and make vulgar and below-the-belt statements."

Watch this clip of Sunil Pal at TV9:

Soon being on air, Sunil Pal started trending on twitter. Twitterati slammed him for being insensitive towards gays and lesbians. This is what few celebrities had to say about his rant -

Vir Das -  

Sorabh Pant - 

Shirish Kunder - 

According to the reports, Tanmay Bhat’s as well as all AIB videos will be removed soon by cyber cell from social media.

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