Come 2017, You Will Be A Lot Safer And The Government Will Make Sure That Happens

The Union Government has decided to make our rides much safer.

Come 2017, October 2017, A Vehicle  Reverse Gear System, A Seatbelt Alert, Speed Alert, Manual Override

The Union Government has decided to make our rides much safer.

More than one lakh people are killed in road accidents in India every year. In order to increase the safety of passengers and pedestrians, government is working on set of new rules to be made law next year.

From October 2017, all new models of cars will have the following features, among others:

1. Manual Override - To enable opening of the car doors in case of an emergency, even if the electronic assembly within fails.

2. A Vehicle Reverse Gear Sensor System – To help the drivers detect if anything is in close proximity to the rear of the car.

3. A Seatbelt Alert – Will consist of a soft but persistent tone that will only go off once the driver has put on the seatbelt.

4. Speed Alert – An alarm that will go off once the speed crosses 80 KMPH.

After the legal intricacies have been ironed out, these shall come into effect soon.

This is a laudable step, indeed.

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