7 Amazing Singers Of Coke Studio Pakistan Who Redefined The Art Of Music

Close your eyes and their songs, the genre of the music and the way they present it will just drag you towards solace.

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What is music to you?

A gateway to step in the aura of tranquillity or just a formation of synchronized beats of  rhythm blended with lyrics.

When we associate solace and tranquillity with music the only genre that pops out in our mind is- Soft music and Sufi tracks.

Pakistan’s coke studio has so far given us the best singers till date and with their beautiful voice they just proved how versatile and melodious they are:

Listed out are some popular faces of Coke Studio who have just won our heart.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan:

When he sings the entire world seems to go standstill. After singing popular songs in India like Mann ki lagan and Jiya dhadak, this man just made the Indians go gaga over him.

Abida Parveen:

A singer, composer, musician and painter, the lady has just proved the true definition of versatility. She is also tagged as ‘Queen of Sufi Music’

Atif Aslam:

He has not just won hearts in Pakistan but this smart hunk has also spread his charm in India. It’s not astounding to know that plethora of his fan followers exist in India.

Momina Mustehsan:

The perfect collaboration of her beauty and her voice just makes her stand out. Her beautiful smile amidst her song just adds cherry on the cake

Ali Zafar:

Also popular in India, Ali Zafar is one fine singer who just made us fall in love with the art of music. Well, it’s hard to escape from his melodious voice and charming looks.

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