Think You're Pro At Coffee-Making? Here Are Some Common Brewing Mistakes

From storing the beans to brewing it, preparing a hot cup of coffee is a painstaking job.

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We all love coffee, don’t we? But then, how often do we actually take efforts to brew our coffee in the perfect way? Amidst the rush of your office and college, you knowingly or unknowingly have been brewing the coffee in the most incorrect way.

Here are some tips that you must follow the next time when you are making a hot cup of coffee.

1. A proper storage for coffee beans

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Cramming everything into the fridge is such a typical thing to do as Indians.  But placing a jar filled with coffee beans in the fridge or freezer is a big no-no. You might think that the fridge will keep the beans fresh, but actually it is the other way round. The only and the best way to store beans is to keep them inside an airtight container at room temperature.

2. Use of filter paper

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The best way to obtain the authentic taste of coffee is by opting for one such technique. Aeropress or Pourover method, where Aeropress is a device that is used for brewing coffee. While brewing, you should always wet the filter paper first and throw out the water. Then wet the ground coffee first and allow the coffee to bloom. If you don’t notice a bloom you can conclude that the coffee you bought is not fresh.

3. More about pre-ground beans

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The freshness of the beans stays long when they are not ground. But once you grind them, the beans start to lose their freshness immediately. So to avoid this, always try to buy small packs of beans so that you can retain the flavour by consuming it faster.

4. Boiled water to brew coffee

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By pouring boiling water, you actually extract the bitterness and acidity from the beans. So, an ideal temperature of water should approx. 200 degrees F (93 C). Apart from measuring, the only way to attain the close temperature is by boiling the water and waiting for another 45 seconds.

5. A perfect measure of coffee

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Too much coffee tastes bitter and too less tastes mild, then how to strike the perfect balance? The most practiced ratio of coffee is 2 tablespoons (30 gm) of coffee grounds to every 180 ml of water.

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