Girlfriend Makes A Cocaine Cake For Boyfriend's 23rd Birthday!

This sugary masterpiece is definitely not to be sniffed at!

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Our SO’s birthday is always a special occasion, isn’t it? I’m sure we’ve all gone out of our way, boxes, bounds and even character to get just the perfect gift for them!

So when Ollie turned 23, his girlfriend Stacey Morris went through the same. She had just one thing on her mind, a cake with the ‘wow factor’. And boy did she make it happen with the cocaine-themed cake!

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Stacey described how she, with the help of her Norfolk baker friend Becky, put together funny little surprise for Ollie. She took care of every little detail on the cake right from the icing sugar lines, currency notes and even adding a dash of Ollie’s old driving license.

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Stacey said:

"The cake was for my boyfriend’s 23rd birthday. He absolutely loved it and said it would by far be his most remembered birthday and was shocked how creative it was.

He knew I was getting a customised cake for him but had no idea it was going to be that design.

I wanted a wow factor and Ollie likes jungle music so it was originally going to be a turn table cake."

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Now if you’re thinking about the awkward reaction of Ollie’s friends and family, then you’re getting no gossip here! Stacey adds, "We had a few friends over and at midnight bought the cake through to him. Both our families ad our friendship groups are very laid back. Everyone saw the funny side!"

Though in the end, Stacey was so overwhelmed by the design of this sweet treat, she says “The cake’s still been barely touched because I won’t let him eat it!"

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Ollie's reaction though! #goals

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