Why CM Devendra Fadnavis Has Ordered To Buy Tur Dal From Farmers At War Footing?

Maharashtra has seen a large scale production of pulses, especially tur, this year.

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Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis has started on war footing efforts towards resolving the deepening crisis, after facing strong criticism from all corners for procurement of tur.

Maharashtra has seen a large scale production of pulses, especially tur, this year. Due to this bumper production, farmers in the state are facing a crisis and resultant low prices. Till now, the government has procured up to 40 lakh quintal tur (4 lakh ton) and farmers have another 8 to 9 lakh quintal waiting to be procured.

Hence, in an attempt to provide much-needed relief to tur producing farmers, Fadnavis, during a cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, directed the officials concerned to complete the procurement of tur in the next five to six days. He also asked the officials to work in two shifts and complete the procurement of tur on the war footing.

“Farmers who have registered themselves at the (procurement) centers can also sell tur in the next five to six days. In Amravati, the number of procurement centers has been increased since the quantity of tur to be procured is more,” the chief minister said, reports The Financial Express.

He also said that additional manpower is also being provided for the exercise. He also directed district collectors to acquire private warehouses to store the procured tur.

“In 2016-17, the state saw a record showing of tur on the area of 15.33 lakh hectares. The production was five times more than the previous year. Due to reduced market price of tur, the government started procurement at 323 centers,” CM added.

Till April 25, the government procured only around 3.99 lakh tonnes of the total production of 20.35 lakh tonnes in the state, which has left a large number of tur-producing farmers unhappy.

Information source: financialexpress

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