A "Closer" Look At The Psyche Of Harvey Spectre - The "Best Closer In The City"

You can still hear Jessica Pearson say “the best closer this city has ever seen”.

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You were dressed in your comfy pajamas, munching your chips, it was a hot sunday afternoon and the only relief was your cold cup of coffee. It's the weekend and you need plans and this is when you decide to binge watch a show your college folks cannot stop discussing (you got to give it to peer pressure, you have to keep yourself updated if you wish to exist).

You started your episode and suddenly this man appeared.

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You can still hear Jessica Pearson say “the best closer this city has ever seen”.

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*now you are RE- thinking about your pajamas and the purpose of your life!*

Harvey Spectre, the name on the wall and the hot-shot lawyer at Pearson Spectre Litt has changed our definition of 'badass', taken 'suave' to another level and has given people some serious #LifeGoals.

Well, you won't be judged for admitting the fact that you actually tried pulling a "Harvey" level attitude stunt at your office or quoted him in your presentation just to look witty and cool. The man who intimidates people just with his presence has built a career around winning. But, what would the "behind the scene unseen harwork" that must have gone for him to literally become the "Best closer this city has seen"? Well if only Rome was built in a day! But we managed to track down and anticipate this lawyers journey from little Harv to Harvey Spectre. Here a tour of Harvey's psyche:

You don't look like you need a loan, you dress like you own the bank!

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CONFESSION: One of the major reasons you have a celeb crush on Harv is those killer, suave SUITS! He knows how to kill it with his looks, he plays the PERCEPTION CARD. You are perceived according to the way you portray yourself. Given the business he works in, one of the major way to portray power is to power-dress. So, in Harvey's words himself

" You win the battle even before they are fought".

Don't play the odds, Play the man:

When in business you ought to be good with people, know them like a dictionary and manipulate them for your own good at times. And that is the skill Mr. Spectre is a master of. Because all read books but he reads "People". Harvey is often seen playing poker either with his clients or with his opponents and this is where he applies the knowldge of Body Language. People around you are always giving out tiny signals and if you are able to catch them and use them to your advantage you have pulled a classic Harvey!

But here comes the other side of the coin:

A person who always wins has a reputation to maintain which comes at a cost. When you start saving the world, for the world in no time you become synonmous to Superman. And here is where the problem lies. We always saw the fierce and clever, always under control side of a successful lawyer untill in season 5 we were shown a vulnerable Harvey trying to fix himself under therapy with the help of Dr. Agard, his psychologist.

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While he was battling Panic Attacks there sure was much to the show than just the ‘trigger’ of Donna leaving Harvey. It all starts way back to Harvey’s troubled childhood. Harvey catches his mom cheating on his father and witnesses his family literally break down. This kid then chooses to bottle his feelings up rather than talk about it. When one family breaks, Harvey in search of support gives his all to his work and career.

Now, this man has a face to wear in front of all because Harvey learns early in his life that:

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And thus starts the game of “defence mechanism”:

To protect his real emotions, Harvey builds a fence around himself which go down only for three people - Jessica, Donna and Mike. The shift of his emotional attachment is visible through his behaviour and you can trace the connection -

Jessica - More than Harvey’s mentor she is his guardian, be it graduating from Harvard or bringing him in the market as a hot-shot attorney, she has done for him what a mother would do.

Donna - The one word that sums her role in Harvey’s life is MIRROR. She knows Harvey through and through be it his ‘lavender tie’ or his bae Scottie’s middle name to the ‘before trial’ ritual, she knows what lies next. Then what would you expect from a person who knows you so well after you do this?

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Just after this Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis (and she is human so we won't blame her), but unfortunately moments like these teach you a lesson and that is:

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Well, now we need a "closer"

Those looks, that attitude, those wins and that REPUTATION needs maintainence, all you have got to see is if you can handle the dirt and struggle behind the glory. When you dream to become a Harvey Spectre you cannot afford to sleep.

So in summary:

Did you just get Litt Up?

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