Click Photos Of Illegally Parked Cars And Get Rewarded, Announces Gadkari

" Given the absence of proper parking places are, people are using roads to park their vehicles causing traffic jams."

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Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, yesterday, asked citizens to click photos of wrongly parked cars and send them to authorities while proposing a 10 percent reward for them from Rs 500 fine imposed on the owner of the concerned vehicle.

Gadkari said he felt "ashamed" that absence of parking lots outside his own Ministry forced "ambassadors" and "big people" to park on road blocking the way to Parliament.

"In my Motor Vehicle Act, I am going to add one law (provision). Any car on road, you just take the photo on your mobile and send it to the department concerned or Police. The offender will be charged a fine of Rs 500 and 10 percent of the fine amount will go to the complainant," Gadkari said today." Given the absence of proper parking places are, people are using roads to park their vehicles causing traffic jams." he added.

The minister insisted that big institutions should have their parking places.

He said, "every day it is shameful for me...the Ambassadors are coming ... the big people are coming. In front of Parliament, my total road is blocked and for getting permission to build a parking place I needed 13 permissions."

He said it took months to take permission for constructing a single parking lot and he had raised the issue with the then Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu.

Gadkari, during the foundation ceremony of his own Ministry’s, automated parking, had said that he felt "ashamed" that his own ministry had to wait for nine months to get approvals for a simple automated parking lot.

Gadkari, who has been very keen on this project, had expressed anguish over this delay at its foundation ceremony at Transport Bhawan near Parliament, prompting Naidu to promise a one-month cap on a grant of all such permissions.

Transport Bhawan will be the first government building to have an automated multi-level car parking facility in its premises at a cost of about Rs 9 crore.

The automated parking lot project is being undertaken by NHIDCL. The facility will comprise ground plus seven floors. Spread over an area of 314 sq meters and with a height of 22 meters, the facility will be able to house 112 cars. The retrieving time for cars will be 120 seconds.

The Motor Vehicles Bill, which aims to usher in far-reaching reforms in the transport sector, was in August referred to a 24-member Select Committee of the Rajya Sabha.

The committee will have to submit its report to the Rajya Sabha by the first day of the next session "without extension of time, Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman P J Kurien has said.

The bill aims at bringing sweeping reforms in the transport sector, ranging from hefty fines for traffic rules violations to improving the licensing system and checking bogus licenses.

Let us hope this initiative pays off!

Information source: livemint

Cover image source: indianexpress, dailymail

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