Christopher Columbus Day: 11 Bizarre Facts About The Man Who Accidentally Found America!

5. Columbus wanted to go India but accidentally found America!

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An Italian navigator, explorer and colonizer who established European contact with the New World, Christopher Columbus’ arrived on the shores of the Bahamas in 1492. An event that provided momentum to the colonization of the Americas by the Europeans, it is widely celebrated on the second Monday of October.  

Here are some surprising facts about the man who, in fact, DIDN’T discover North America!

1. Columbus worked in a cheese shop which was his father’s, before going to sea voyages.

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2. Columbus set out with the mission to establish European supremacy over the world and convert everybody to Christianity.

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3. When Columbus stepped on Bahamas soil, he thought he was in India! This is the reason some Native Americans were dubbed “Indians”.

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4. Christopher Columbus did not die famous! In fact, his name was not even registered for 10 days after his death. It was in the later years of colonization that he became famous as one of the explorers of the New World.

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5. Columbus wanted to go India but accidentally found America!

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6. Columbus introduced horses in the New World.

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7. During his third voyage, Columbus became the first European to see the coast of South America.

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8. Once he was stuck in Jamaica and the natives would not give him food. He observed a lunar eclipse occurring, so he told everyone that God was punishing them for refusing him food. No points for guessing what the scared Jamaicans did!

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9. Portugal, England and France, these three countries refused Columbus funds for his voyage as they thought Columbus was a fool!

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10. Columbus never set foot on the mainland of North America.

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11. In all the four sea voyages of Columbus, his ships faced disaster before reaching the land. His ships sank and so he ended up swimming and even was stuck in Jamaica for 1 year.

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The man died of heart failure after his fourth voyage but surely made history!

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