Christmas is Early on Netflix People: Now Watch Movies Offline on Your Mobile Device!

Finally after a long wait!

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No need to worry anymore because you don’t have to lose those precious GBs when you want to watch that fresh episode of House of Cards or Jessica Jones. Netflix pleased its lovers by a simple tweet by announcing “your favourite stories are now available for download”!


Earlier Netflix provided its facilities only during allowed during flying or generally when someone is unable to access a network. Later they said that, only some of the content in its library will be made available offline. However it hasn’t specified how many programs would become available for download later, but have promised that there will be “more on the way.”

So now you can download a TV show at home and watch the download at ease, at will. No big big data packs, fewer playback problems and better image quality! Total whammy right?

Though they haven’t revealed all the details as to how the downloads will be made possible or which shows will be available, the updates and features have already found way into both the Android and iOS systems.

Netflix’s big step comes in as a counter to beat its biggest competitor Amazon Video as it introduced the offline option a few months ago from September 2015.

So hey there you Netflix fans! Some real Christmas gift is coming along!

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