Chocolate Mint: Eight Types Of Mojitos That You Need To Try Right Now!

One for every taste! here we have come up with a list of flavors that will do nothing but make your drink tastier and your night livelier.

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The freshening, minty flavors of mojitos bring us back to those lemonade filled memories, the minty laughter and the ice cold nostalgia of the enliven moments with the drink. Standing out from the other cocktails out there, there’s something about mojito that nobody can deny: we love it unconditionally without reasons and without pride. So while you’re out there enjoying the whole minty and lemonade-y essence of the drink, here we have come up with a list of flavors that will do nothing but make your drink tastier and your night livelier. Here we are, Lo and behold:


1. The classic

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The classic mojito with mint infused syrup and fresh lemon juice, does not only revive the refreshing and chilling sensation, but also makes everyone ask for another glass. The freshly crushed minty leaves, rum and club soda just add up to the classic sensation of the beverage.

2. Raspberries

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Made with fresh fruits, the raspberry mojito with a light shade of pink and perfect amount of sweetness add up to the aerated drink. The garnished wedge of lime and infused flavors of mint call for an extraordinary drink!

3. Blueberries

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The fresh, seasonal berries crushed with fresh mint leaves mingle up to form a wine hue and a long-lasting refreshing flavor. The perfect garnishing and the sweet tang of the fruit mingling with the soda makes this drink stand out.

4. Splash of sweet tea

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A classic mojito with fresh lime juice or syrup and minty ice cubes, with a splash of sweet tea will surprise you with the delicious sensation you’re about to witness. The flavor of a batched iced tea and club soda will give the drink a traditional flavor.

5. Mango

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The sweetening pulp of mango, crushed and crumpled, add up to the flavor with rum and lemon, bringing the beverage a whole new taste. The mango pulps nudging with the fresh mint leaves is the reason why everyone loves this mojito.

6. Grilled pineapple

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Caramelized grilled pineapples when crumpled with honey and mint leaves, brings a smoky flavor in the sweetened drink. The combination of sour and tangy lemon syrup and the sweetened and seared pineapple pieces is simply exceptional.


7. Chocolate mint

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Cocoa syrup when added to the juicy and vibrant lemon splashes along with diced and muddled mint leaves, create an otherworldly chocolaty flavor. The blend of chocolate and mint lends itself to the combination of a smooth and never-like-before virgin mojito.

8. Ice-cream Mojito

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With a combination of Fresh, cold scoops of ice-creams mixed with condensed milk and whipped together with finely chopped mint leaves and lime juice, Ice-cream mojito makes it to the list of favorite ice-cream mocktails. The different flavors of the ice-cream form different zest of mocktails!

It’s time to get to some sipping! Try them out today and let us know which one you like the most!

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