Chinese Cop's Kind Gesture Of Breastfeeding Suspect's Baby Wins Hearts

Hao’s beautiful deed of breastfeeding a four-month old baby who’s mother was on trial won hearts of many.

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A mother’s love is unparalleled. Enough said. Even if it is for another’s baby.

Hao Lina, a police officer from China’s story not only restored our faith in humanity but also moved us. She is now famous pretty much all over the world for the kind of gesture she extended as a mother.

Hao’s beautiful deed of breastfeeding a four-month-old baby whose mother was on trial, has won hearts of many. According to Daily Mail, it was 23rd of September when this incident took place.

Shanxi Jinzhong, the mother of the baby was facing a trial at Intermediate People’s Court in central Chine.

Hao Lina and her colleagues were handed over Shanxi’s baby to tend to before she went into trial. The baby started crying which worried Hao. She then decided to seek the mother’s permission to breastfeed the baby since it was crying. Says Hao, “The baby wouldn’t stop crying and we were all worried. I am a new mother, I could feel how anxious the child’s mother would have been. All I thought about was to try my best and comfort the tiny baby.”

Shanxi, the baby’s mother faced charges of fraudulent fund-raising, illegally absorbing public deposits and concealment of crime. She was charged along with 33 other people. While leaving the court, she welled up on being humbled by Hao’s kindness.

Hao received plenty of appreciation and praise for her act. “I believe every police officer would do the same. If I had been the mother, I would have hoped someone to help my baby too,” she says.

This incident just proves the saying, ‘Biology is the least of what makes one a mother’.

Information source: storypick

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