China’s Vertical Forest Will Take Your Breath Away

Now, this “The Vertical Forest” is going to step into China, which will be the first ever in Asia.

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Increasing pollution has become a big problem around the world, especially in Asia. Every country is finding it’s own ways to combat with pollution. Recently, considering the amount of pollution in Delhi, India, an odd-even policy was applied to control the increasing pollution.   

While we were striving with this (odd-even) policy, an Italian architect Stefano Boeri has introduced an unique way to fight with it.

Source: designboom , failedarchitecture

Boeri came up with “The Vertical Forest” which was first introduced in Milan in October 2014.

Now, this “The Vertical Forest” is going to step into China, which will be the first ever in Asia.

Source: dezeen

All you need to know about China’s Vertical Forest-

- The towers will be built in the Chinese city of Nanjing and is expected to be completed in 2018.

- The Towers will be 656 ft and 354 ft tall, where over 1000 trees, 2500 shrubs, and 23 different local species will be planted.

- These 23 local varieties of plants will produce 60 kgs of oxygen, per day.

- The tower will house offices, a museum, a terrace club and a green architecture school, while the other one will be a Hyatt hotel with a rooftop pool and 247 rooms.

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Source: deccanchronicle

We think it’s time India should also participate in the long run and maintain its reputation as the fertile, green and auspicious land.

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