Did You Know That China Owns All the Giant Pandas Of The World?

All giant pandas are rented or are taken as loan from China. China has its own rules and price for the receiving countries.

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Yes, all the pandas of the world belong to China, be it the new born baby panda or pandas found in any other part of the world apart from China. Even the zoos have to get them rented from the country.

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But how did rendting of pandas start? And does it work?

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The renting of pandas works because pandas are now endangered species found only within the boundaries of China unless they are rented or gifted to other countries. This practice of gifting pandas was started way back in the tang dynasty. China started gifting Pandas firstly to the United States in 1972 to maintain healthy relationships with other countries but in 1984 China stopped gifting them and instead started loaning the pandas.

Since it is up to each country what laws they want to pass to protect their own wildlife, China has rules for owner countries which are described below:

All giant pandas outside China are actually on loan from the country.

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The cost of renting a panda is $1,000,000 per year, to be payable to China’s Wildlife Conservation Association.

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Any cubs from the loaned panda will be returned back to China.

Who transports Pandas to other countries?

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FedEx is engaged in transporting the pandas from China to the countries who demand them. They are generally shipped to the countries in white enclosure which has holes and cages for the long journey.

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£600,000 a year for the pair of pandas is taken from the country and they are rented only for 10 years, not less than that. If one Panda dies because of human error then the zoo has to pay £300,000. Rentals typically last for 10 years, with a renewal option.

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So the adorable animals are not any other country's to own now. Although the loaning has now turned into a blooming business for China, all the funds collected are given to the welfare conservation of pandas in China.

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