Breaking Bones And Stereotypes! Children’s Day Dose Of Inspiration - The Story Of Phogat Sisters

The true inspiration behind Dangal!

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“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They are made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called Guts” - Dan Gable.

Destiny gave them birth in a place where birth of a girl child is synonymous to crime. The family was looked down upon, the MAN of the house was criticised and that is when he grabbed the chance to take up the battle to change PERCEPTIONS. The story of Mahavir and the Phogat Sisters!

The trailer and song of the movie Dangal got us all excited, but what got us inspired was the underlying ‘dangal’ of “minds” rather than the muscles. Reacho, on this Children’s day, celebrates girl child with the inspirational story of the PHOGAT SISTERS.

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Mahavir Singh Phogat, a Haryana based wrestler was blessed with two daughters Geeta and Babita. Living in a state which has records of minimal sex ratio Mahavir took to training his daughters in wrestling.

Two baby girls were asked to cut their hair, wear training half pants, run for miles in the farm, wrestle with boys in the ‘Akhara’, to learn hardcore pro wrestling. Worries of the village folks as well as grandmother were that who would accept these ‘Pehelvan’ girls as ‘Bahus’.

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The training regime which raised eyebrows in the village later compelled people to rise from their mediocre thinking.

The sweat of the sisters showed its colour in the 2010 Common Wealth Games. Geeta Phogat won India’s first Gold ever in Women wrestling and became the first ever Indian female wrestler to qualify for Olympics. Her sister Babita Kumari also won Gold Medal in 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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Mahavir Phogat was nominated for Dronacharya Award who trained his brother’s Daughters and the clan consists of  Ritu, Priyanka and Sangita,  Vinesh and many top Indian Wrestlers.

Indeed, when you go the extra mile it is never crowded!

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