Children Interrupt While Their Father Gives A Serious BBC Interview And The Rest Is Just Hysterically Funny

Despite being interrupted, the father somehow managed to keep his composure.

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You just can’t change the things you’ve said or done that went wrong while appearing on live television. BBC correspondent, Robert E. Kelly unfortunately and undoubtedly learned this, in a hard way.

While Professor Robert Kelly was speaking about South Korea on BBC World News via webcam in a live television interview, there was an unexpected distraction - he got interrupted by his two kids. At first, one of his kids enters the room bouncing in jubilation. Later, a baby on a stroller comes right behind her. And if you thought this is extremely side-splitting, just wait for the woman who later rushes into the room to tidy the little toddlers away.

But, it looks much funnier than it sounds! See for yourselves:

Though being interrupted and disturbed, Professor Kelly didn’t lose his calm and successfully managed to keep his composure and complete the interview. For that, kudos to Professor Robert Kelly.

Info source: boredpanda

Title image: youtube

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