10 Childhood Outdoor Games That Will Take You To A Nostalgic Ride Of The 90’s

Every millennial will relate to this!

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Leaving behind the games of Candy Crush and Pokemon Go, the real games that always managed to catch our attention are the ones that were played back in 90’s.

If you are aware of the word and phrases like time-please, takna and naya gadi naya daav, then trust me, your childhood was awesome. Well, walking down the memory lane, here are some of the games that every 90’s kid enjoyed to play.

1. Sankhali:

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With many hands chained up together, this game was no less than a roller-coaster ride. 

2. Chhupan Chhipai

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Now, who on earth doesn’t know about this game! While we all had that one secret spot to hide, the only thing that we all pretty much hated was to search others. 

3. Aankh Micholi:

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One player with a blindfold and others revolving around him/her by providing hints of their whereabouts, this game took fun to another level. 

4. Kho-Kho:

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With most of the kids squatting on heels and two running around them, this fun game taught us all to be alert and agile. Played with all zeal, Kho-Kho was always that game which kept us on our toes.

5. Stapoo:

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Huge squares numbered from 1 to 8 drawn on the road, hopscotch/stapoo/ tikkar-billa is that one game which most of us still miss playing. 

6. Langdi:

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If you think simply running around the kids makes you tired then watch out as this game is even more tiring to play. Hopping with just one leg all around and catching the other person was the only accomplishment we were worried about, back then.

7. Kancha:

Source: thebetterindia

A game that can be played indoors and outdoors, all you needed was a perfect aim to strike in order to win more marbles.

8. Lagori:

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Stones stacked together one above the other, Pittu/ lagori was pretty much played by every millenial. You needed efficiency to pile up the stones together and then save yourself from getting hit. This one has surely carved a special memory in our minds. 

9. Vish Amrit:

Source: thebetterindia

Vish-Amrut or Ice-Water, call it anything but every time we played it, so many amazing memories were made. 

10. Maraam Pitti:

Source: statenews

Popularly known as Dodgeball, the game basically had no such rules, to begin with. Find someone, target him and just hit the ball. Be careful while you play as the ball can be hurled at you, anytime.

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